“KOAK which stands for “Knowledge of all Knowledges” provides solutions for human performance improvement.  The company primarily deals in skilling individuals to make them employable and more effective in whatever they do.”

KOAK has developed an optimum mix of offline and online modules so that not only in metros but students and individuals studying or working in Tier-2 and 3 cities will also get benefited by its skill enhancement related offerings.

In consultation with industry leaders, academicians and psychiatrists, KOAK has also developed a solution to nip the evil of frustration due to wrong career choices in the bud. Currently, company has worked with a few schools, colleges and corporate in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad regions to make the career selection process more structured and thoughtful by including personal aptitude, aspirations, experiential learning and work culture immersion.

KOAK also offers a few very niche management development programs for corporate. KOAK guides organizations to success by inspiring, developing, and transforming their greatest investment—their people.

KOAK has unique ideas and approach to make a mark in the education sector of the economy by introducing more interesting and fruitful measures to ensure that education reaches the masses and becomes a tool rather than an obstacle.

While keeping scale in mind KOAK also takes cognizance of the fact that a learner is not just a face, but a person whose ambitions are acknowledged and respected. Our effective feedback mechanism details out learner’s strengths make him or her aware of his mistakes gives him a chance of correcting them and documents his journey’s progress in his preparation.

Core Ideology

To enhance performance of individuals by teaching them the way they learn and make them realise their full potential and help them lead a fulfilled life.

Core Values

Various stakeholders in the Indian economy are trying to solve the problems of illiteracy, lack of education and unemployable resources. Looking at the magnitude of the problem, KOAK believes that the solution has to be scalable but at the same time as effective as one to one coaching. Team at KOAK understands that this goal can be achieved by having innovative and disruptive ways of development of products, processes and systems. These qualities are prevalent across all the activities at KOAK Education.

KOAK Education works in the environment of a high touch client relationship. It is very important that each and every team member of the company owns the task he is involved into. KOAK Education fosters an environment of deep rooted sense of ownership.

Learning from learners and understanding what they are engaging with, is the key to our teaching methodology. We need to learn to teach the learners the way they learn.

KOAK  Education promotes an open culture where each and every one takes care of internal as well as of external stakeholders. The company encourages in providing feedback to people and it is used as an important tool to employee growth. Supporting and mentoring peers and team members across hierarchy is encouraged and awarded.

Faultless service delivery is of utmost important to KOAK Education. The company focuses on operational excellence which helps it in optimising resources to deliver the maximum output.


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